Coffè table QuboQuadro

the modern coffee table suitable for any room in the house


The design of the QuboQuadro coffee tables stems from the need to combine art and craftsmanship by creating a unique, original but at the same time practical and functional product.


An object aimed at a particular niche of people, lovers of art, design, artistic craftsmanship.


 The choice for this new adventure fell on a coffee table that could obviously perform the function of a coffee table, but that also had other peculiarities.


A journey parallel to the sculptural one, but which has the same goal, to create “works” to give emotions. 





Unlike other coffee tables, it helps you remember what your important words are, distracts you with simple games making you go back to being a child for a moment, or simply lets you contemplate, while in the company of a good glass you are lost in your thoughts.


The QuboQuadro coffee tables are currently available in four collections: "LOVE", "PLAY", "WORDS" and "ART".


Each collection is customizable. You can choose the type of finish; painted or raw in an industrial style, the color (depending on those available) the words for the tables in the words series or the game in the play series (currently backgammon, tic-tac-toe, canvas)


The coffee table that helps us to remember that we must not only feed our body but also our soul.

In this collection art and crafts come together to give life to small tables that I like to define as "functional sculptures", unique pieces because they cannot be reproduced in series.

In fact, in this case the art becomes usable, because the sculpture loses its identity and from a "work" to be contemplated it becomes an "object" to be used.

The title of the work drowned in the resin of the support surface, reminds us of its true nature in a continuous bouncing between its two souls. Coffee table or sculpture?

We decide it. A simple table when we use it as a support for a coffee cup or a glass, sculpture when we look at it with the eyes of the viewer.


The coffee table that helps us remember "our" most important words that are a source of motivation and inspiration.

I thought of the coffee tables from the WORDS collection with the intention of creating a coffee table that contains, drowned in resin and therefore protected, our favorite words.

It could be the line of a poem from a song or a motivational phrase; those words that are important to us and to which we are linked that we like to read.

If the coffee table will be placed in the living room, or in any case in a room we frequent often, every time we use it, move it, clean it, it will perform its task of reminding us of our favorite words.

The tables of this collection are equipped with two comfortable rope handles to move it easily.

The ones you find on the site are an example of those I made with some of my favorite words and they are available, but if you want to "feel" the table really yours, I suggest you contact me by email, to tell me how you want to personalize it.


The coffee table that helps us to remember that at any time you can relax and distract by becoming children again.

This collection was created with the intention of having a coffee table that can also be used for playing. They are simple backgammon and tic-tac-toe games for the moment, but which give the opportunity to spend a moment of leisure without too much effort. A little journey through time and remembering when as a child, four lines on a piece of paper or on the sand were enough to play this simple game.

All the tables are made of iron, they are cubes measuring 40 cm per side.

As with the other collections, there is the possibility of customizing the finish, painted or industrial style, and the type of game.


The coffee table that helps us remember how powerful love is; for others, for ourselves. Universal feeling regardless of the language used.

For this collection I was inspired by the famous Love image by Robert Idiana, American exponent of pop art.

Colorful, industrial style, rusty, no matter what finish the coffee table is made with, the word Love is always the protagonist. It is also possible to customize the support surface by incorporating in the resin not only the word Love as in these examples you find on the site, but also a date, initials, a heart or even small objects that you could send me and that can make it even more unique this coffee table.